Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Santa came to town!!

Our good friends invited us to their home for a personal visit from Santa. We were so excited! This would be Jetta's first encounter and Henry's second. F.Y.I. his first encounter did not go well, so we thought him being 3 and in a small setting things would be grand.....not so. Jetta did great. She loved Santa and laughed and had a "jolly" time with him, Henry on the other hand did not greet Santa with the same excitement. He started out crying, and keeping a far distance but as the evening went on he did better. He actually got close enough to take a candy cane out of Santa's bag. In the end they both got presents and it was as good as we had hoped for.

Where have I been?

I am sure you are all so sad that I have not been updating our lives for your viewing pleasure.........Ha Ha. Well, I have been doing this. What is this you ask. I have been "crafting" and selling and doing boutiques. I learned how to make baby blankets and frames from my talented family and then approached a friend to go into a little business, just for some extra holiday money, to make a bunch and sell them. As you can see on the table there is a lot more there than frames and blankets.....my oh so talented family sent me some hand made things that they sell for a real business ("jj potts" shroomyz, "chickadees" vintage girls dresses, "it's a girl thing" hand bags) to add to my little pretend business. So, my friend and I spent so much time and money to do this and it went.....well.......okay. When we actually got people to attend our boutiques they bought tons of stuff. It is very cute as you can see but I guess people are not into "boutique-ing." I had a great time doing it and really learned a lot. I don't know if I will continue but maybe if I think it might go better a second time around and if people show interest.

we are so ready for the snow!!!

We came home from church on sunday to lots and lots of snow. As you can imagine Henry was ready to go out and play/eat the snow. Jetta was ready to do what ever Henry was ready to do. Henry was so excited he took off his pants and put on his boots, that was good enough for his snow play!!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pretty in pink

Thank you Crissa (Dave's sister) for getting Jetta this darling outfit.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I've been tagged

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
1. Wow! 17 almost 18......Hummm.....High school. Thumping to loud music in my best friend Shellie's car looking for boys.
2. Getting ready to graduate and go to BYU Idaho, formally known as Ricks.
3. I think it was around this time that I joined the track and field team.
4. Thinking I was so way cool because my dad let me drive his XJR Jag. Oh so sweeeeeeeet!!!!!!
5. Trying to copy Michael Jackson moves so that I could dance with my friend Mcgarren.

5 things on my to-do list today:
1. Survive.
2. Feed the kids
3. Change diapers
4. Shower
5. Repeat number one as often as I need to.

5 foods I enjoy:
1. Anything that I shouldn't (sugar, chocolate, ice cream, cake, etc.)
2. Really good bread, baked fresh with an exotic cheese spread on top that has just started to melt.
3. Lately pizza, pizza, and more pizza. No I am not pregnant I just really like pizza.
4. Fresh Fruit and Veggies any kind!!!!!!
5. Along with my pizza kick I am way into Health food, not organic, but great healthy food that makes my body feel good.

5 bad habits:
1. Not always eating that great healthy food that is above mentioned.
2. Procrastination!!!!!!!!! I just can't seam to kick that one!!!!!
3. I've stopped biting my nails, that used to be my number one bad habit.
4. Watching to many movies. I think Dave and I watch one almost every night.
5. Along with watching to many movies, staying up way to late and then complaining the next day about how tired I am.

5 favorite toys:
1. I don't even know what a toy for myself is.....I know, that is really sad!!
2. My camera
3. My sewing machine
4. Dave, any time we spend together is as fun as any toy.
5. Henry and Jetta, they are the funniest toys.

Monday, November 12, 2007


Sorry it has been so long since I last posted, my life was in a state of craze!!! I think things have calmed and now that I have a few minutes to mysslf I will up date you all.

Happy Happy Birthday Henry Dear!!!

Henry is 3!!! I can not believe it. He got some new shoes for his birthday and they are not as little as they used to be. So Sad!!!
He had a great day. We had to cancle his party with friends because he and Jetta are both sick. I hope the sickness ends soon I am burned out! But this is about his birthday not his sickness. On Sunday we celebrated with us and His two aunts that live here, Crissa and Camlin. We had a great dinner and.........a white rino cake. He has been talking about having a white rino cake for weeks now. I was not sure quite how to do this but I decied to make a white cake and have dave do the rino. Henry loved it!! No little boy could have been happier! He also make bank in the presant department!! He got so many cool things: puzzles, books, playmobils galore, and a raido flyer horse. He can now be a cowboy and ride a horse every day.

A New Book

I am making a book for Henry for Christmas. It is a book about his trip to the zoo. It will have photos of all of the animals and then a small picture of Henry that he can take from page to page with facts about all the different animals. The facts will be things he can add to each page. Pictures of different kinds of food and habitat and babys and other facts. I am so excited to do it. This is a picture I took of a gator at our zoo.


The little cowboy, and Jetta was well, not into it.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Some winter photos

Winter: a few of my favorite things

quiet snow falling
the smell of fires in the air
the crunch of snow under the tires
hot chocolate
warm winter food
making snow angles
snow covered landscapes
holiday seasons
seeing your breath
snow shoeing
apple cider
pine cones
smells of baking sweets
snowmen made by children
winter coats

~making secret christmas gifts for loved ones
~being the first one outside to step into the snow
~children with red running noses ouside in the cold but not ready to come in yet
~sitting around the wood burning fireplace with your family on a Sunday afternoon
~that same wood fireplace after the children are all tucked in:)
-from: Jean Heath

-the holidays!
-snuggles by the fire (or the radiator, i guess, although not quite so romantic)
-family traditions
-yummy treats
-sweaters (preferably big bulky ones to hide all evidence of enjoying said treats too much!)
-from: Megs

What are your favorite winter things? reply and I will add it to this list

Winter has come.

I think we only had 2 weeks of fall and now SNOW!!!. I love the snow, well for the first month and then I am ready for warm springs but that first snow is so exciting! Henry was so excited to play in the snow! We came home from church and the next thing I new Dave had snow pants, gloves, hats and boots all ready to go. I am so thankful that Dave loves the snow and cold that he will take Henry out in it as much as he wants. I love the snow as well.....it is the cold that comes with it that is not my favorite. I chose to stay inside and prepair the hot chocolate. Henry ate the snow and made face prints, ate more snow, threw snow at Dave, ate more snow and ate more snow. When he came in his face was so red from all the consumed snow I had to take a picture.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"The Farm"

Henry, Jetta and I found the Littleton Historical Museum. Henry calls it "the farm". It is a lot like Wheeler farm for those who know that farm. There are historic buildings and replicas of when littleton was first settled. Farm animals, that you can not feed or pet, and a very big lake that we spend most of our time at just throwing rocks in it. We go to the farm maybe twice a week and it is a major favorite with Henry. It is one of those places he can just run around and get dirty and explore. Yesterday he found some old corn stalks and was very interested in the sounds they made when he feel into them. He also had to have a handful of hay at all times. My little boy.....hum. Jetta was completely content to just watch Henry and scream at all the animals.

Some pictures I took at the farm

Monday, October 15, 2007

What a little bug!!

Jetta got a new Sunday outfit, thank you Nanna!!! She looked so cute I just had to take a picture. It has little bugs on it and darling red tights and well just see what I mean.....

Friday, October 12, 2007

fun with play dough

Henry loves play dough. He love to make different shapes and place them in just the right order of color, creating something very unusual. This time he had me make imprints of mice in every color of playdough that we own and he placed them according to color and this is finial creation. Very interesting!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Is there something on my face?

I came outside to find Henry covered in dirt. He was picking up handfuls, bringing it to his face, and blowing it as hard as he could. The dirt would go everywhere, his hair, mouth, nose, and clothes. What a mess!

Do you like my hat?

Yes, I do. I like that hat.

Would you let this handy man into your house?

I'm sure I would!

Look Mom, I'm standing!

Jetta can now pull herself up to things. She climbed her first step yesterday. My life is over!


We went to visit my family for a week and while we where there we went boating. Henry loves boating!! It was so exciting at the first but by the end Henry and Jetta had fallen asleep to the hum of the engine.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Henry's little friend

Thomas and Henry are great little pals. He comes over every Wednesday and the two of them just play and play and play.

I love my flip flops

Henry is now into flip flops. They don't stay on very long but he loves to put them on and watch them flip and flop as he walks.

Friday, August 24, 2007

First Food

Yummm Rice! Jetta did very well for her first time and only wore half of what I gave her.

What a proud Daddy!

Double Trouble