Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Welcome Peter

HE IS HERE!!!!! After a long 9 months and very short labor (4 hours and 1 push later) Peter has joined our family. We could not be more excited. Henry was born to be a big brother Jetta is still figuring it all out and Mommy is wondering what in the world she has done. Here are some photos, I am looking so fine... Not!!! But all that matters is the baby. I will post more when I get a chance.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

better news for me

No c-section, he finally turned, the little turkey. He just needs to stay turned. I am dilated to a 1 and 50% effaced. I am thinking in the next week or two. Well, we will see.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Stevens Update

Well, it has been some time..... I would apologize but it seams to be the latest trend with me. I should not apologize for something that will more than likely happen again. I will not be going into detail here, some things are better left unsaid or un-complained about, but I am at my level of tolerance with this pregnancy and everything it and life has thrown at me. I am very ready to be done! This has been one of the most stressful and difficult pregnancies ever. I have only had three and that is not very many but this one does take the cake. Well, enough about me.....

Henry loves, loves, loves school!! Every day he begs to go and there was one morning when I thought a slight cough would get in the way and I mentioned that we should stay home that tears streamed from his eyes as he pled for me to let him go. "Mommy I promise I will not cough again, just let me go to school, I want to go!" Poor kid.... I hope this love will never change. I am so glad that we were led to this school! Dave and I were talking about how amazing blessings happen when you accept difficult things from the Lord. I would never have hear about this school if I had not accepted my current calling and Henry would probably still be at home, sick to death of me and scared to death of new situations. I love how the Lord is so mindful of our needs.....

Jetta is loving "Mommy Time". The other day we did a nature walk and collection. We pasted our collection onto paper and hung it on the fridge. I am trying to think of ways to still have one on one time with her after Peter comes. She really needs the love and focused attention. She is such a great little thing. Her sass it difficult at times but I would not have her any other way! My dad came in town the other day to pick up my brother, who has been living with us, and take him back to Utah. He told me that Jetta is very much like I was when I was her age.... Oh Dear!! Well, at least she might turn out alright.

Dave has been taking on multiple rolls at our house this past week and I am sure will continue to do so into the next month. He not only works full time but has been doing dishes, laundry, shopping, bathing, cooking, and crafting (with the kids). Since I have checked out of reliable mother, he has taken that roll on. Poor guy, I feel so bad but so lucky to have him. He has even had to cut down, if not give it up for a bit, on his new loved hobby of bike riding. He picked it up a couple of months ago with some friends from our church, but ever since I have been sick and stressed he has been waking up with the kids in the mornings so I can get some extra and needed sleep. What a dear!!!!

Well, three weeks to go, give or take a c-section possibility. We will let you know when the anticipated day draws closer or if all goes well and we are surprised we will post a photo or two. Love to all!!!!