Thursday, September 27, 2007

Is there something on my face?

I came outside to find Henry covered in dirt. He was picking up handfuls, bringing it to his face, and blowing it as hard as he could. The dirt would go everywhere, his hair, mouth, nose, and clothes. What a mess!

Do you like my hat?

Yes, I do. I like that hat.

Would you let this handy man into your house?

I'm sure I would!

Look Mom, I'm standing!

Jetta can now pull herself up to things. She climbed her first step yesterday. My life is over!


We went to visit my family for a week and while we where there we went boating. Henry loves boating!! It was so exciting at the first but by the end Henry and Jetta had fallen asleep to the hum of the engine.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Henry's little friend

Thomas and Henry are great little pals. He comes over every Wednesday and the two of them just play and play and play.

I love my flip flops

Henry is now into flip flops. They don't stay on very long but he loves to put them on and watch them flip and flop as he walks.