Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I love my flip flops

Henry is now into flip flops. They don't stay on very long but he loves to put them on and watch them flip and flop as he walks.


ty & megs said...

hooray!! i have been waiting for you to start a blog. it was just a matter of time...:)

henry is so old and cute and jetta is a doll! we sure miss you around here!! i'm so excited to see you are going to post a weekly recipe! maybe the dinner group can live on in a small way.

hope you guys are still saving our spot in colorado for 6-8ish years from now!?

Candice & Adam Neff said...

How cute!! I miss you all so much, I get sad looking at all your fun pictures. I wish I had my blog put together as nice as yours. I really need to start working on mine. I just need to find some time!! Love you much, and give the kids a big hug for me!!