Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Daddy Dear!!

Happy Birthday Dave!! We had an awesome day! The kids helped me decorate the kitchen and get presents wrapped. We ate BBQ ribs, corn bread with honey butter, honey orange carrots (thank you crissa), and very amazing raspberry jello salad (again thank you crissa). We had Dave's favorite chocolate cake. We basically ate amazing but gained 30 lbs. just that night! :-) We opened gifts played all night with the kids, heard the new babies heart beat and stayed up until 1:00 doing a puzzle that Dave got. We love puzzles. It was a fabulous day and if any one deserves it, it would be Dave. He is the most amazing man, husband, father, and friend that I and my children could have and we love him to pieces!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'd pee too....

A couple I served my mission with sent these pictures to me. This is a new roller coaster in Ohio. I love the last picture because that would totally be me! :-) Can you believe how crazy scary that coaster would be? It reaches a speed of 120 mph and drops 400 ft. Crazy, Crazy, Crazy, any one up for a vacation?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

You Know Your Pregnant If........

You know your pregnant if at 10:30 at night you are enjoying and I do mean enjoying a bowl of cottage cheese with ranch flavored fishy crackers swimming in it and a very tall glass of orange juice. And yes, I did ask Dave to go to market to pick up those items for me last night. Just to note this is the first time I have ever asked Dave to go to the store to get me food to feed a craving in all my times of being pregnant. So, this is the official announcement, I am pregnant. This is our third and I am sure to many of you this is crazy, and at times this is crazy to me but never the less we are excited. I am 11 weeks, sick sick sick, and already showing. I show early because I carry so low. I have not thrown up yet but I sure wish I could because i think I would feel better. The kids are being so patient with me and Dave is always the best! We will be finding out if the baby is a boy or girl, I can't stand the unknown! My sister is pregnant just a month ahead of me and she is one of those that likes the surprise, I could never wait that long. Having a third brings about a whole new set of items to think about. We need a bigger car, uuuggg!!! We will now be an odd numbered family, who will be the one sitting alone on all the Disney Land rides? That is my biggest question. :-) How will Henry and Jetta do? Henry I think will be splendid and Jetta well, I think we will have some attention issues. I am not quite sure how this will affect my ability to do my calling, pretty sure the Bishop will not release me, which is good because as overwhelming as primary pres. is I am starting to love it and especially the children. I have amazing counselors so I am not worried about a thing. Oh, I plum forgot.... My due date is Oct 30th. Not to excited about a halloween baby but my other two have come early by about a week so I am not to worried. Please be patient with my posts and lack thereof. It is on the bottom of my to do list. I will do my best to keep it coming! :-)