Tuesday, February 17, 2009

For you Cami

So, my sister Cami just had surgery. Poor girl! I asked her if I could do anything for her and all she wanted was to see current photos of my kids. Well, it just so happens I just took pictures of them in new sunday outfits that Nana (my mom) bought them. The lighting was not the best but I tried to make it work. Here you go Bean!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

25 Random Things

My sister did this post and then tagged anyone who read it. At first I thought 25 things that is way to much but after reading hers I thought it was fun so if you desire to read 25 random things about me.... read on. If not pass and go!

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. When I find a pair of pants or a shirt that I like I buy one of each color. My closet is really filled with maybe only 4 different styles. The rest is just a different color of that same style. I am disconnected when it comes to style.

2. I have a chicken pock mark on my leg that looks like the imprint of a molar tooth. when I was little I used to tell people that I was bit by someone and that was the scar.

3. Before my LDS mission, I was so scared to talk to new people on the phone I had never even ordered pizza. I still don't like talk to new people on the phone but at least I can do it.

4. I have been to Egypt.

5. I love to camp and hike and do all kinds of out doors things. But, I love my hot showers and makeup.

6. I love to take burning hot (and I mean burning my skin that it hurts and gets all red) showers.

7. I never wore make up until my nineteenth birthday, when my mom took me to get a makeover.

8. Before I knew any better I put my gold fish in a plastic bag filled it with water and froze him. I was upset because he had eaten some of my other fish.

9. I like to make lists of things I have already done, just so I can cross it off.

10. I love to travel!!! I have been to 9 different countries and 3 different continents.

11. My favorite animal is a shark and has been ever since I can remember.

12. I have a secret love for Batman. Not any of the actors that played him, but Batman!

13. I have a mole on my back that is the shape of an up-side-down heart.

14. I love really good black licorice. Not red vine black licorice but the real thing.

15. I hate seafood. Even the smell makes me sick. But my husband has introduced me to some that is tolerable.

16. I love movies.

17. I chew all my food on one side of my mouth.

18. I could eat good sourdough bread all day long.

19. Both of my children's names (unknown to me at the time) mean. Henry or "ruler of the home". Hummmmm?

20. I am a biter. I bite all my candy, popsicles and any thing else that most people suck on.

21. I am ambidextrous. When I paint, I use both hands.

22. I can touch my nose with my tongue.

23. I am from Utah but I pronounce my t's. As in mounTain and founTain. My husband thinks I am idiot.

24. I am one of the few people that got to marry a handsome prince. (My husband made me write that)

25. I love to dance. In college I did swing dancing clubs and taught people how. Now I just love to bust all kinds of moves when no one is looking.

I tag all who want to do this.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nakie Muscles

Dave and I just keep getting older and older. Getting out of the bed in the mornings gets harder and harder. This morning, for some reason, was particularly difficult. The kids came in and were playing in our room while we were lying there trying to get out. Henry and Jetta kept saying, "Lets go down stairs, lets go down stairs!" We would reply, "Just a minuet, just a minuet." For some reason everything gets repeated twice in our house. :-) Well, I tried to explain to Henry that Dad and Mom are so tired and old and that our muscles are achy. To which he replied with surprise, "Your muscles are NAKIE?!?" (his word for naked) Oh Dear!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hello, Hello, Hello!

I know I have gone for quite some time but I am not sure if I am getting burned out on blogging or if I am just getting a little to busy! I was reprimanded by my sister yesterday who demanded an update so here is the past month and a half in reader's digest version. Christmas was great! It was great to be here and just lazy mazy all weekend! We did not get much snow which I know was opposite for the rest of the country at that time. Come to think of it we have not had much snow at all and have been enjoying 50-60 and sometimes even 70 degree weather this winter. Sorry to all you who are freezing and snowed in. :-) After Christmas we enjoyed a great evening with some friends that took us on the jet airplane that he flies for work. Henry loves, loves, loves airplanes and our friend took us to the air port to let Henry get on his jet and look at all the controls and even stand on the wings. Thank you Issac and Heather!!!! We then went to zoo lights with them and enjoyed zoo night life all decked out in christmas lights. Henry started up play days with his "favorite and best friend", as Henry refers to, Thomas. Once a week Henry goes to Thomas' house and once a week Thomas comes to ours. Henry loves this and needs a good friend close to his age. I also got a new calling......... drum roll please........ I am the new primary president. I think my eyes are still out of their sockets! I started on a quilt for our bed, not the best time to take on this task but it is almost done. I caned 12 quart sized jars of apple sauce. As my good friend pointed out, I am not the best at time management. But in my defense apples were on sale for 39 cents a lb. I could not pass that up!!! Henry and Jetta have been pushing my buttons at all costs! I have endured Sharpie on everything, poo wiped on everything, soap covering the bathroom, things breaking, and typical winter sickness and blues. However since this calling I am a much more patient person. Isn't it awesome how the Lord blesses you when you are in his service!!! I have been asked to give a 45 min. presentation on Historical Kirtland (where I served my mission) to a church history group in our stake. A little nervous, okay, a lot nervous. The group is filled with the stake patriarch, temple workers, and bishops. Hummmmm! I wish I would have known who made up the group before I accepted! I also called to jury duty. Could my life get any more busy? I am sure it could and by the next time I post who knows, something huge could come up. But for now that is the reader digest version as to why I have not posted. Enjoy the photos and videos. See you next month. :-) Ha Ha Ha I will try to be better.

Our Family Photos

Black Berry Face!

Henry's "favorite and best friend" Thomas

My quilt

Saturday morning dancing with daddy. It is always good to have him with us!

Jetta singing "I am a child of God"