Thursday, February 5, 2009

Nakie Muscles

Dave and I just keep getting older and older. Getting out of the bed in the mornings gets harder and harder. This morning, for some reason, was particularly difficult. The kids came in and were playing in our room while we were lying there trying to get out. Henry and Jetta kept saying, "Lets go down stairs, lets go down stairs!" We would reply, "Just a minuet, just a minuet." For some reason everything gets repeated twice in our house. :-) Well, I tried to explain to Henry that Dad and Mom are so tired and old and that our muscles are achy. To which he replied with surprise, "Your muscles are NAKIE?!?" (his word for naked) Oh Dear!

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Nikki said...

That's so funny! Marshall has skipped trying to wake us up and instead goes straight to PBS and stolen string cheese from the fridge. We also find bread crumbs around the TV. So, at least yours wake you up before the day's mayhem begins.