Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It has been so loooooong!!

It has been about a month and half since I last posted about computer problems. I guess when it rains it does it in buckets! Life has been a bucket of rain lately. Nothing bad just a big crazy bucket of rain. So, we had computer problems and then.........we had internet problems. Then we went out of town for two weeks only to come back to a new calling in church. Ward camp director. I still teach relief society but now have this and I was so excited! I had just a few weeks to get ready because camp was coming up. Lucky for me the previous camp director was on top of things and I did not have to much to worry about. I say to much because there was still so much do. Crazy!, but not as crazy as the week before I left for camp. I was trying to get my house ready and the kids because my mother-in-law was coming to watch them. Dave could not take work off because he was leaving the week after for Young Men's camp. My dear mother-in-law came for three days and I wanted it to be as painless as possible! So......I'm getting ready, getting ready and our air-conditioner goes out. So bad in almost 100 degree heat. While they are fixing that a huge, and I mean huge (almost 4 gallons of water came out of our ceiling) leak starts in our ceiling. It ended up being a totally different problem from the air problem. All of this and I leave the next day for camp. AHHHHHH!!!! My mother-in-law braves what she knows is going on here and still comes. I leave, have a great time at camp (no bears, there has been a problem in that area) come home to a fixed air-conditioner, and fixed leak. Thank you Lois (my mother-in-law)!!!!!!! So, I am home and catching up with life and hopefully this week will be as uneventful as possible!

Things we did with my family

So, we went to Utah for two weeks and man was it packed full of fun stuff. We spent the first week with my family and then the second with Dave's. Dave came out later and spent the last couple of days with us. We had so much fun!!! While we were with my family we went 4-wheeling, boating (Henry got in the freezing water, I was so proud), riding on a carousel, slip-n-sliding, and just playing in the backyard. We had a great time!!


This is kind of a long video of the kids jumping. It is probably more for family because who would really watch a long video of their friends kids jumping? :-) This is in my parents backyard. Just some more fun things we did on our vacation to Utah.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Things we did with Dave's family

We had such a great time with Dave's family.  All the cousins came over and played and played and played!  Dave's brother Luke and wife Kami brought over their new dog Baxter and Henry just loved Him!!!!  We went to the splash pad and let the kids play in the water.  It took them both some time to get brave enough to get in the water but once they did....they were off and we could not get them to leave.

First Piggies

So Jetta really has no hair.  I guess I should say her hair is slow to motivate!  Finally it became long enough to put into piggies.  I am so excited!  As you can see it is a rather small piggy but none the less it is there!!!!


Henry loves loves loves animals!  He also likes to draw.......however not as much as animals.  This is his first whale.  I think it is so cool and very stylized.  I guess I should clarify on the "first whale" comment.  I thought this was his first whale until I went to do laundry and found one very similar on the wall in marker.  :-)

Get this off my head!

Three cuties

I could not resist!!