Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hello Baby!!!

We would like to welcome Baby Peter Craig to our family! No, he is not born but he is a he. We had our ultrasound today and there was not mistaking it, he is a boy! :-) We are excited and the kids are excited and we love his name. He will be named after my father and Dave's father. My sister Candice suggested we could call him peg for short. Knowing us it will stick. Well, just thought you all might care to know.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

We are Back!!

What a whirl wind of a vacation!! It was awesome! Perfect weather, great times, lots of laughs, so much to do and have done, and great family. I do have one confession, I did not take as many photos as I thought I would, in fact I hardly took any. I think the photographer in me needed a vacation as well. Maybe from doing my sister's shoot. Sorry, the visual sharing will be lacking.....

Well, we left Wednesday in our little Subaru and I only mention this because we came home in a much needed bigger vehicle. While we were in California my parents put a for sale sign in our can and with in a few days we had an offer and it was sold. Which only left us one day to find a new car before we had to come back to Denver. We found one we can afford and can and will fit all of us and our new addition (we will find out Thursday and let you all know) and all of our luggage. Oh happy day! Hopefully now our kids will not get sick in the car as we travel to Utah. :-)

So, we left and arrived in Utah to take my sister Cami's engagement photos. It was a 4 hour session, and with horses and with parents that all knew what angle and back ground should be shot. I was tired, but so worth it because the session was awesome the photos were beautiful. For viewing pleasure, click here.

After a day in Utah we left for Vegas, and stayed in the Excalibur. We spent the whole night looking for Merlin the Magician in the castle but he was not there. We finally convinced Henry that he went to Bermuda, like in the movie. He was satisfied with that.

We arrived in Newport Beach the next day and went swimming in the pool. I think I will have second home there some day. It was so beautiful! We were right off the beach and Henry and Jetta loved seeing the ocean from our balcony. The next day we went to San diego zoo. I loved the baby gorilla and the kids loved the rhinos! I got a little sick and spent most of my time in the shade at the front gate but the kids saw so many things. It was great. We all had matching shirts made so that we could see our group and not loose the kids. At the zoo we were a mass of Yellow, Disneyland - Blue. It was so nice to be able to see everyone and know what your child was wearing without thinking about it.

So, the following day was Disneyland and oh, did we Disneyland it. We spent 14 hours there our first day and 13 hours there our second. Henry loved every ride he went on and he went on almost every ride there was. Even the big ones. He loved the Grizzly Rapids ride the best. Jetta loved the Tea Cups. I think she went on that 4 times. I could go on a few and loved whatever I could do. Dave, is a child at heart and loved doing everything at any time with whom ever but I think watching Henry and Jetta brought him the most joy.

We spent a day at the beach and just played and relaxed. It was a much needed day! I have never seen Henry laugh so much and enjoy himself more than in the waves. We could not get him out! Jetta was not sure about the ocean and seemed content to build sand castles. She did like collecting shells and brought home a whole bucket full. I had to get rid of them at the hotel because they were starting to smell. She doesn't know so shhhh! :-)

We went to Sea world. I think this was my favorite. I loved the whales and dolphins and all the shows. We are still doing the Shamu call here at the house. Henry wanted to get wet so bad at the Shamu show but we were not close enough. So at the dolphin show he and Dave went to the 4th row and got soaked!!! Mom and Jetta were just fine where we were. :-) The kids fed the rays but not the dolphins, that was 45 bucks a pop, WHAT????? But they did not even notice because there was so much to do.

The morning we left we went to the tide pools and explored, very cool. Then drove to St. George and then to Utah, found a car and came home. I need a good week of sleep and a personal laundry assistant just to get back on top of things. Thank you Lois and Craig for a fabulous time and a great vacation. We can't wait to go back!! :-) Enjoy what few photos I have......