Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What do you think?

I am working on a new photography project.  I am trying to decide between sepia or black and white.  What do you think?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

almost summer days

Living in a townhouse is sometimes wonderful but when it comes to yard space for kids it is lacking.  We do however have a little front patio and spend most of our days out there when the weather is nice.  Yesterday was great weather and we spent most of the day in the front with the hose and the freezing water that came from the hose.  After the kids were shaking and purple we got warm in the sun and big warm towels.   

the newest members of our family

We got Henry some fish this last weekend.  He loves them and loves to feed them.  He named them Big Bird and Cookie Monster (pronounced tookie monster).  Check for future additions in the next coming days.

in search for ants

Henry loves to observe ants and then smoosh them.  Daddy is supervising so that the smooshing doesn't take place.  Jetta just likes to eat them.  I didn't think anyone needed to see a picture of that.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

28 reasons why my 28th birthday was fabulous!!

1.  it was a two day celebration
2.  the sunday before my birthday I subbed in primary as the chorister, so fun
3.  that sunday night Dave me a fantastic birthday dinner
4.  my sister-in-law came over for the celebration
5.  he also made me my favorite birthday dessert..........grasshopper pie
6.  for my and David's birthday we are getting an elliptical

7.  for my birthday the kids slept in, I am sure they knew
8.  for breakfast we all had oatmeal around the table.......I am going through an oatmeal phase
9.  I used my new shampoo
10.  my good friend invited me and the kids over for a pool party 
11.  my 17 year old brother sang the whole birthday song over the phone
12.  my kids did not fight all day........that is a big deal
13.  the little boy that I babysit on mondays was so very good
14.  Dave told me he got a babysitter for the evening so we could go to dinner but it was surprise as to where we were going 
15.  I ate leftover grasshopper pie all day
16.  I bought some very cool lanterns for myself as a gift.  they are recycled metal and made in india.  I love love love them

17.  henry sang to me, very sweet
18.  my husband still loves me.....28 years and two kids takes it toll  :-)
19.  it was 75 degrees
20.  we spent most of the day outside
21.  so many people called to say happy birthday, thank you everyone
22.  my sister gave me a watch because I do not own one with a working battery
23.  the kids and I had grape popsicles
24.  Henry and I watched an episode of "old school sesame street"
25.  I got a lavender grow kit.......lavender is my favorite flower
26.  I ate more leftover grasshopper pie
27.  my sister-in-law Crissa watched the kids while we went to..........drum roll please.......
28.  Fruition,  a fabulous restaurant.  So good and so very nice.  It has been so long since we not only went out on a date but to such a nice restaurant like this.......I was so very pampered.  Thank you Dave and everyone who made my day so wonderful