Tuesday, January 29, 2008

An end to the best membership a 3 year old could have

This is a tribute to the Denver Aquarium. With much regret our 1 year member ship that my parents purchased for us is at an end. This membership got us through the coldest of days and the hottest of days. There were many days that we went through the Aquarium over and over. Henry loves fish and everything this aquarium has: otters, snakes, large fish, small fish, eels, huge sea turtles, sharks, rays you can touch and feed, tigers that swim in the water and so much more. We love the Aquarium and will miss our weekly trips there, maybe in the future we can spend the extra and get another membership.

Sweet Saturday Activity!!!

Since we all have been sick off and on this whole month we decided that the first Saturday that we all were health we would go do some thing really fun and this is what we did.....BOWLING!!!! How much more fun could you get? Henry loved it and bowled for all of us. I think Dave and I got to bowl once or twice each. The pics are a bit blurry because it was so dark and I only had the camera phone but it is kind of a cool effect.


What a naughty little girl, I think she know it too

snow play

Dave's parents came in town for the new year holiday and it was right after we got a bunch of snow. Henry could not wait to go out and play in the snow with them. First we just went on a walk around our place but then we found a rather large hill and Henry started to roll down it. He could not stop he was having so much fun!!!! I think he rolled down it over 10 times. I got sick just thinking about it.

I kind of fixed it

this is the biggest I could get them.....hummmm.....any ideas?

photo tech help

so I just posted photos from my phone, the buffalo bill post and the photos are so small......how do I fix this?

Buffalo Bill

Over Christmas break, that was the last time we posted, so sad I know, we went to Buffalo Bill's grave. We drove up into the mountains and went to the visitor center that is there for him and then we drove to see the some of the last original plans buffalo. It was a very cool experience.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Red hooded boys

Jetta's new seat

I came out of the laundry room and found Jetta sitting in this drawer. She was very happy and content and did not want to come out. She now makes it a regular habit of sitting in her new chair.

Cars for dinner

Henry got Charlie and Lola placemats for Christmas. I had set the table for dinner one night and then when about my business continuing to get things ready when I turned around to find henry up at the table setting all of his cars on the chairs around the Charlie and Lola table. When I asked him what his cars were doing he said they were eating.......kids are so great!!!!!