Tuesday, January 29, 2008

An end to the best membership a 3 year old could have

This is a tribute to the Denver Aquarium. With much regret our 1 year member ship that my parents purchased for us is at an end. This membership got us through the coldest of days and the hottest of days. There were many days that we went through the Aquarium over and over. Henry loves fish and everything this aquarium has: otters, snakes, large fish, small fish, eels, huge sea turtles, sharks, rays you can touch and feed, tigers that swim in the water and so much more. We love the Aquarium and will miss our weekly trips there, maybe in the future we can spend the extra and get another membership.


Scott & McCall Randall said...

yeah!!!! new posts. you must have been busy getting all those on there. i loved the denver aquarium. they put one here in utah - and one day jaime and i thought it would be fun to take all the kids. it was TERRIBLE! it was like going to petsmart - not kidding! although afterwards we found out it was a temporary one until they could get the new one built. but still it was pretty bad.
Jackson LOVES bowling. next time we are all together we should all go. it is a great family activity for the winter.
i am excited to try your new recipe that is up. it looks yummy.

Lindsay Taft said...

I hear you on being sad to see something so great come to an end - I have been having a major Shamu craving (Sea World was Mack's favorite, but he loved the Wild Animal Park and the SD Zoo, too).

I'm happy to see you're back in the bloggin' world, girl! I hope you're all finally over the illness (was it just a really bad cold that wouldn't go away?).

PS To answer your question on my blog - Mack is allergic to dairy products and eggs. His reaction is the same as someone's with a peanut allergy...

Candice & Adam Neff said...

Ok so lets just say that I could post a comment on every picture you have. You have so many cute pictures of the kids. I loved your Christmas picture. I miss you all so much, i wish you would move home, just kidding I know you are home but I just miss you all so much.

I think Jetta has your eyes, in one picture is looked just like you when you were little, how cute! Love you much and miss you tonz!

Emily, Scott & Logan said...

I love aquariums! We go to the small SLC one often. I received your comment about Cath...I haven't seen or heard from her in years. Do you keep in touch with her? How is she doing? Where is she these days? I have wondered about her from time to time. I do still keep in touch with Sheila, remember her and Chris Gircis? They are married and have two kids now. We talk on the phone about every other month or so. Who knew? Well, if you get a chance, here's my email: emmyrosie@gmail.com
Hope you have a great day! It was so nice to hear from you!
Emily Norton

EJNielsen said...

Yo! This is Hsu! What a cute family! You guys look great! Love and miss you!

Hsu :)