Tuesday, May 20, 2008

almost summer days

Living in a townhouse is sometimes wonderful but when it comes to yard space for kids it is lacking.  We do however have a little front patio and spend most of our days out there when the weather is nice.  Yesterday was great weather and we spent most of the day in the front with the hose and the freezing water that came from the hose.  After the kids were shaking and purple we got warm in the sun and big warm towels.   


Scott & McCall Randall said...

this is such a cute picture. i miss the little buggers.

congrats on the new fish. i bet henry loves taking care of them.

Annie said...

K are you kidding... How could I forget you! Your kids are soooo cute. It's nice to see that things are going well and that you're totally into photography, your stuff is awesome! Our photographer took that picture, I wish I could clam it, she is awesome, Kate Benson is her name. I loved Denver and hope you like it there! I keep telling my husband we should move out of state. It hasn't worked yet and I don't think that it will be working. It was good to hear from you and I hope it's ok that I check out your blog to see how things are going! Love ya Lindsay Baird Rosander