Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Where have I been?

I am sure you are all so sad that I have not been updating our lives for your viewing pleasure.........Ha Ha. Well, I have been doing this. What is this you ask. I have been "crafting" and selling and doing boutiques. I learned how to make baby blankets and frames from my talented family and then approached a friend to go into a little business, just for some extra holiday money, to make a bunch and sell them. As you can see on the table there is a lot more there than frames and blankets.....my oh so talented family sent me some hand made things that they sell for a real business ("jj potts" shroomyz, "chickadees" vintage girls dresses, "it's a girl thing" hand bags) to add to my little pretend business. So, my friend and I spent so much time and money to do this and it went.....well.......okay. When we actually got people to attend our boutiques they bought tons of stuff. It is very cute as you can see but I guess people are not into "boutique-ing." I had a great time doing it and really learned a lot. I don't know if I will continue but maybe if I think it might go better a second time around and if people show interest.


ty & megs said...

cute stuff!! we can do this together too when we are neighbors! :)

Sooz said...

Hi Melissa! Cute stuff! and even cuter kids! Sorry your business didn't go better. That seems to happen to me too. BUt at least its fun right?! It's good to see you via the net & keep up on things. Merry Christmas!
Sue (Fitch)

lindsay taft said...

Meliss, sorry the boutique(s) didn't go as well as you'd hoped. I agree w/ you - cute stuff. If I were living near you, I so would have helped add to your cashpot!