Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"The Farm"

Henry, Jetta and I found the Littleton Historical Museum. Henry calls it "the farm". It is a lot like Wheeler farm for those who know that farm. There are historic buildings and replicas of when littleton was first settled. Farm animals, that you can not feed or pet, and a very big lake that we spend most of our time at just throwing rocks in it. We go to the farm maybe twice a week and it is a major favorite with Henry. It is one of those places he can just run around and get dirty and explore. Yesterday he found some old corn stalks and was very interested in the sounds they made when he feel into them. He also had to have a handful of hay at all times. My little boy.....hum. Jetta was completely content to just watch Henry and scream at all the animals.


Melanie said...

Can I get jetta's little sweater in my size? Your pictures are fantastic. Maybe if you came and took some of our apartment, you could do that whole "the pictures make it look bigger than it really is" thing. Probably not, though. And what a great outing for your kids! Too cute.

ty & megs said...

won't we have fun going to "the farm" together when we are neighbors!?

and great pictures. i so wish i had you photography skills.

Kristy said...

All these pictures of the farm are beautiful!