Monday, October 27, 2008

The New Zoo

A few weeks ago Alex (a friend of ours from church) and Dave decided they wanted to plan a weekend of fun for our families. They wanted to go to Colorado Springs and go to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. What a great idea Rachel (Alex's wife) and I thought! We talked about a date and minor details but left the planning up to them........humm. The day before we were to go nothing had been planned or mentioned. Oh men...... :-) Rachel and I got on the phone and finished planning. We packed lunches and looked for coupons and planned a time and when Saturday came we were off. This zoo is so cool!!! It is up on the mountain and the animals habitats are apart of the natural surroundings. The first thing we did was feed the Giraffes. Yes, you can feed and pet the Giraffes!!! It was so cool! I forgot my camera.......blast! But I got some shots on the phone. This zoo has so many fun animals and you can get so close to them. The bears were swimming and catching fish, the porcupines were up in trees, the mountain lions were trying to eat Jetta. She came running out of their den(you could walk in/under it while in enclosed glass) and tripped. One mountain lion came sprinting off the mountain he was on and slammed into the fence trying to get her. Crazy! Good thing the fence was there. We saw moose, wolves, beaver, turkey, wallaby, nile hippo, and so many others. While we were leaving we saw a bunch of wild deer. It was quite the zoo and I think will be going back! We had so much fun!! Thank you Alex, Rachel, and Oliver for going with us.


Rosander said...

That is so cool! That sounds like so much fun.

Uffens Family said...

Oh I love a good would think Vegas would have one sufficient (don't know if you ever saw that post)...But alas...Vegas is good for gambling...have to go to San Diego for a good one :)

Scott & McCall Randall said...

mom told me about this zoo and the giraffes, and the scary cougar that almost attacked jetta! ahhh!