Tuesday, October 21, 2008


5 things I am grateful for today

1. healthy days
2. the short distance from my couch to the bathroom
3. movies
4. kids that watch movies
5. tums

I woke up very early this morning sicker than a dog. I am still sicker than a dog but i a hoping to last the day. It is all I can do to get up off the couch to put in a new movie or get the kids some food. I think I just ate something that didn't agree with me because everyone else in my family is fine. My poor sensitive stomach. I really am thankful for my list mentioned above, however it is days like this and many others that remember how far away I really am from family.


Nessa said...

Oi! I'm sorry you're so miserable! I hope it passes quickly!

ty and megs said...

yuck. sorry melissa. feel better soon!

JNH said...

Did you eat horrible Jean cooked food from here?
I would come get your kids if I could!
You don't need family...you just need friends with cars! LOL I'm so sorry that you are sick! That blows!

Guzman Family said...

Are you feeling any better? Call me next time, Ollie and I could do movie day with the kiddos over here!