Tuesday, December 16, 2008

charlie brown tree

So, we got our tree and decorated it a couple of days ago. It is a cute little tree, the biggest one we've had since we've been married. We went to the same place we always go to get out tree, "The real McCoy". It is a family owned corner lot and we just love this family and we love their trees..... they last forever. When ever we go I always feel so bad for the charlie brown trees. What if they never get a home? Even when I little I remember my siblings and I getting the charlie brown trees because we felt sorry for them. So, this is our little tree, excuse my naked daughter..... Jetta is Jetta. I think the diaper and Klompen are a nice touch. Merry Christmas!


JNH said...

oh, fun new page:)
I think I feel the same way about those poor trees. I learned my lesson the first year we were married though...the lesson begin that my husband does not share the same sympathy. My real forest tree had to be taken out and a more perfect one purchased.

and yes I know that you can run when pregnant, but I won't. It feels really weird to me at the end and I have this whole guilt complex even imagining if anything happened at the beginning. Not to mention when I'm pregnant I am perpetually out of breathe! So I just walk and walk and walk.

McCall said...

k- i must be retarded - but what is a "charlie brown tree"... did we grow up in the same family or am I loosing my mind?

maxfamclan said...

That is so funny! I thought I was the only one to project feelings onto objects I know can't feel, but I do it all the time! Here is one for charlie brown trees!

maxfamclan said...

PS: I meant to send you a Christmas card, an address would be helpful though. madhillmax@comcast.net

Uffens Family said...

I love Jetta's outfit! Great tree..glad you gave it a home. It is sad here in Vegas...real trees are few and far between :) Merry Christmas!!!
PS..I did take the pics...I am learning slowly but surely...like one pic out of every 50 turns out :) It is a fun hobby.

McCall said...

i asked mom what a charlie brown tree is - she explained it.

and i don't know if i have ever seen the charlie brown christmas. i have never been a fan of charlie brown.

but i love your tree - so cute!

Katie said...

HA! Groing up my mom always wanted us to get the "Charlie Brown" tree! So fun that you did it! I cant get over that pic of Jetta with the scarf...it could be on a card! She is so adorable.

Your family Christmas photo is so adorable, I love it, you all have the best smiles!

Yes, I got your comment about Elder Sigifus! I cant believe you saw him, what a small world! I can just hear his voice now... oh, good times! Merry Christmas!