Sunday, February 24, 2008

Winter Park getaway!

Okay, so can I just say that Dave has the best boss ever!! She was not able to use her condo vacation this week and asked if Dave and I would like it, for let me think......YES!!!! I don't even know when the last time was we took a vacation with just our little family. Winter Park is a ski resort town about 1-2 hours from Denver. The condo we stayed in was great. Two bed, two bath, full kitchen and family room for just us. Could it be any better? The kids loved it and so did we. There was a mogul competition at the Winter Park Resort, so we went and viewed. It was very cool, I have never been to a ski competition. We played in the snow, sat around and went to the Winter Park train depot. Henry loves trains. Henry did not get car sick which he usually does and since Jetta now faces forward in her car seat she did not scream the entire time. It could not have been a better vacation!!!!!!!

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