Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

We have a little play group with some neighborhood friends and decided to have a Valentine's party with the kids. They had a blast and so did the parents, at least I did. We decorated cookies made valentines and played valentine bingo with m&m's. Jetta got her first valentine, it was mutilated the next minuet. Henry loved making cookies, however the frosting never quite made it onto the cookie. He just liked it piled into the palm of his hand, it was easier to eat.


ty & megs said...

fun! when we are neighbors can we be a part of your play group too?

Roberts Fam'ly said...

I can't believe how big your kids are getting! They are so cute. I love to see your blog since I haven't seen you forever! Love, Kim Roberts (Wright)

DA pages said...

I cant get over how cute Jetta and Henry are! I am glad that you had a good valentines!