Friday, August 10, 2007

Martin's Cove

My side of the family did a pioneer trek at Martin's Cove, a very special place in LDS church history. We loaded our handcarts and walked the trails in that area and camped there for a couple of days. We crossed the sweat water and went into the cove, where the saints took shelter, and had a tour guide tell us about the history, spiritual experiences, and events that took place. It was windy and cold. One night it got below 0 degrees. Yes, we took Henry. We had him so bundled in fleece and warm clothes that I did not worry to much except at night when he would sleep for a little while and then cry and then sleep and then cry. I knew he was cold. I felt so helpless and sorry for him. I have always appreciated the pioneers and the sacrifices they made to come west but I never had an understanding of what the mothers went though until this experience. It was life changing.

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